Why Biometric Time and Attendance Systems May Not Be For You

Time and Attendance Using Swipe Cards

Technology is increasingly weaving its way into our daily lives, and most of it is helpful and Fingerprintmakes life easier.  But sometimes a new gadget or program sounds like a good idea when we see or hear about it then turns out to be impractical or unusable when applied to real life.  For example retina scanning in science fiction movies seems cool to consider where highest security is needed, but can be the wrong attendance tracking system in situations that require speed to administer, companies that are constrained by budget or time attendance needs such as that that don’t require such extreme security.

Impractical technologies such as the clumsy (if not silly) “wearable” computing devices may have sounded like a good idea initially.  But attaching a tiny “screen” to glasses and strapping on some device to your body so you can have computing access everywhere you go doesn’t make sense for many to use day-to-day (unless you’re an extreme nerd – no offense).  This of course may change in the future as there seems to be no shortage of inventors working on wearable computing technologies and miniaturizing components. Continue reading

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America’s Wage Theft Crisis

Wage theft, or the holding back, delaying or not paying wages due employees has grown to a crisis level, yet most of us are unaware it exists. Wage theft is one of the most solvable crimes committed, yet this widespread but silent crime perpetrated by corrupt employers is deepening the economic recession.  Examples include employers paying workers less than minimum wage, changing hours on time and attendance records, not paying overtime hours or rate, or not pay a departing employee’s final paycheck.

Kim Bobo, Interfaith Worker Justice (www.iwj.org) Executive Director and author of “Wage Theft in America” states that wage theft is a national crisis that is continuing to grow, and it’s not just a small problem in a few mom and pop companies.  She states that wage theft is found in some of the largest and most recognizable companies such as Walmart, Cyntas, Home Depot and even Target.  The video below is an important description of this very real threat to our economy. Unlike the banking crisis or gas price increases, wage theft can be solved and in doing so can be part of the solution to the current recession.

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